March 2021

TUSD’s STEM learning in grades PreK-5 continues during distance learning. Teachers attend support meetings for each unit that focus on instructional strategies for distance learning. In addition, design challenge materials in each unit have been modified to be easy to send home so all students can work through each unit’s design challenge. The same instructional strategies and materials are designed to support students who return to face-to-face learning on March 22.

In the 2021-22 school year, students in grades 6-12 will begin receiving STEM instruction and design challenges that incorporate computer science and engineering. Students in each grade will engage in two STEM units per year or course, 4 in total (for example, two in Grade 7 Math and two in Grade 7 Science).

The Design Teams for TUSD’s core math and science courses in grades 6-12 have been meeting to create two STEM units for each course. The teams have received instruction in engineering and computer science; these are two key elements that must be in every STEM unit and its design challenge. District math and science teachers of grades 6-12

On March 17, the Math and Science Leadership Committee will facilitate a session for all math and science teachers in grades 6-12 to see a range of ideas from each team. Teachers will review the design ideas for their course(s) and provide the design team with specific, constructive feedback.  The Design Teams will use this feedback to focus the development work in the weeks ahead to the ideas that have the most potential to provide a real-world authentic task, engage students, and directly connect students to STEM professions.

Design Teams will have one unit complete by the end of the Spring 2021 semester. We are planning options now for completing the second unit.

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