March 2020

In October 2018, TUSD received a $4 million, 5-year grant from the US Department of Education to create and implement PreK-12 core instruction in STEM, with a focus on engineering and computer science, for all students in TUSD. Plans are now in place to expand integrated STEM into grades 6 through 12. The goal is to give students four STEM experiences in each year of grades 6-12 (grade 6 will deliver two). Design teams are needed to design these STEM units starting in June:

  • Grade 6 – 2 science-based STEM units
  • Grade 7 – Science 2 science-based STEM units
  • Grade 7 – Math 2 math-based STEM units
  • Grade 8 – Science 2 science-based STEM units
  • Grade 8 – Math 2 math-based STEM units
  • Biology – 2 biology-based STEM units
  • Chemistry – 2 chemistry-based STEM units
  • Physics – 2 physics-based STEM units
  • Algebra I – 2 algebra-based STEM units
  • Algebra II – 2 algebra-based STEM units
  • Geometry – 2 geometry-based STEM units

TUSD is recruiting teacher-leaders in grades 6-12 from all sites (both treatment and comparison sites) and all content areas to be part of this work, especially teachers of science, math, computer science, ELA/ELD, career technical education, and Special Education. These teams will create STEM units with creative design challenges that engage and empower middle and high school students to be STEM-competent, no matter what their careers.

This design team effort needs you! We encourage teachers in grades 6-12 with experience in Rigorous Curriculum Design in ELA or Math, integrated and/or project-based instruction in any content areas, disciplinary literacy work, NGSS implementation, interest in STEM, creativity in curriculum development, and/or general enthusiasm for student-centered teaching to join the design teams. Teachers can find out more information, including dates and times of the work, and also “apply” (show their interest), at:

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